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David Hill leads an international team of brand strategists, human factors engineers, graphic, and industrial designers shaping the brand and visual impressions of Lenovo. Prior to joining Lenovo, David led and managed some of IBM's most strategic and successful design initiatives. His experiences include computing systems ranging from high performance server design to the now classic ThinkPad. His work embodies a strong synergistic relationship between both form and function.

David has often been recognized for design excellence by the German Industrie Forum Design Hanover, including their coveted Top 10 and Best of Category awards. His work has received ten IDEA awards from the Industrial Designers Society of America, as well as their Design of the Decade honor for ThinkPad. Additionally, products designed by David have received the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen Best of the Best Award for Highest Design Quality, the Chicago Anthenaeum Good Design Award, and the Japanese G-Mark for Design Excellence.

David's work was recently featured in a cover story Businessweek magazine article and in Steve Hamm's book The Race for Perfect, where the design and introduction of the ThinkPad X300 are chronicled. His work is also included in the permanent design collections of museums in both Europe and the United States. David currently has more than 50 issued patents focused on design innovation.

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Kevin A. Clark, President and Founder, Content Evolution LLC
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Lucy Baney, President & CEO, Access Technologies Group, Inc.
Chris D. Beaumont, GCOE Professor, University of Tokyo, Managing Partner, B&P
Napier Collyns, Co-founder, Global Business Network
Gene DeRose, Chairman & Co-founder, HouseParty, Inc.
David W. Hill, Vice President, Brand Management & Design, Lenovo Group
Dr. Erich Joachimsthaler, Managing Director, Vivaldi Partners
Professor John G. Lynch, Jr., Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado
David Martin, President, Interbrand
Dr. Grant McCracken, Cultural Anthropologist, MIT
Gil McWilliam, Duke Corporate Education Executive Director
Jerry Michalski, Founder, Sociate
Fran O’Sullivan,General Manager, Integrated Supply Chain, IBM
B. Joseph Pine II, Co-founder, Strategic Horizons LLP
Jon Rubin, Founder, Rubin Strategy Group
Dr. Kazuhiko Yamazaki, Professor, Chiba Institute of Technology