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Lucy Baney, is the President and CEO of Access Technologies Group, Inc. (ATG), a provider of e-learning tools and solutions. Ms. Baney's technical career included jobs as a Systems Programmer, an application programmer and a Systems Engineer. She moved into sales with IBM becoming a sales manager and a branch manager. She ultimately served as an assistant to the chairman and CEO before becoming an executive in product development and marketing.

After 19 years with IBM, Ms. Baney left to pursue an entrepreneurial path founding ATG as an Internet application development company focusing on the development of e-learning courseware, simulations, and authoring tools. Her most recent venture with e-learning, includes developing a derivative of her patented Simentor® product which will enable disadvantaged people to learn appropriate social interactions (soft skills) that will help them get and retain jobs. In January Ms. Baney was awarded the 2007 Women of Innovation Award for Community Innovation and Leadership by the Connecticut Technology Council. She currently serves on the board of The Business Council of Fairfield County, where she is a member of sub-committee to grow the workforce in Fairfield County. She is a founding advisory board member of the Academy of Information Technology, a magnet high school in Stamford, CT specializing in IT skills. Lucy is chairman of the National Advisory Board of the National Workforce Center for Emerging Technologies (NWCET) in Seattle, Washington. Ms. Baney is on the board of directors for the Icelandic American Chamber of Commerce. Ms. Baney is a graduate of Florida State University.
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Kevin A. Clark, President and Founder, Content Evolution LLC
Board of Advisors
Lucy Baney, President & CEO, Access Technologies Group, Inc.
Chris D. Beaumont, GCOE Professor, University of Tokyo, Managing Partner, B&P
Napier Collyns, Co-founder, Global Business Network
Gene DeRose, Chairman & Co-founder, HouseParty, Inc.
David W. Hill, Vice President, Brand Management & Design, Lenovo Group
Dr. Erich Joachimsthaler, Managing Director, Vivaldi Partners
Professor John G. Lynch, Jr., Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado
David Martin, President, Interbrand
Dr. Grant McCracken, Cultural Anthropologist, MIT
Gil McWilliam, Duke Corporate Education Executive Director
Jerry Michalski, Founder, Sociate
Fran O’Sullivan,General Manager, Integrated Supply Chain, IBM
B. Joseph Pine II, Co-founder, Strategic Horizons LLP
Jon Rubin, Founder, Rubin Strategy Group
Dr. Kazuhiko Yamazaki, Professor, Chiba Institute of Technology