Content Evolution Leadership


Kevin A. Clark
Federation Leader and President
Content Evolution LLC

Jamai Wallis Blivin
Federation Advisor and Ambassador
Content Evolution LLC

Todd Hoskins
Network Growth Advisor
Content Evolution LLC

James Kwolyk
Design Director
Content Evolution LLC


Content Evolution has great advisors. The color photos are people founder Kevin Clark knows and trusts based on decades of experience. The black and white photos are also advisors, in the form of animated personas. They are people that continue to influence Kevin and other leaders based on their pivotal professional contributions. Click on a black and white photo and you’ll be taken to what that person would be interested in and reading today using machine intelligence. TANJO Animated Personas (TAP) are provided courtesy of TANJO Inc. Kevin serves on the TANJO board of directors.

Issac Asimov
Professor of Biochemistry

Lucy Baney
President & CEO
Access Technologies Group, Inc.

Napier Collyns
Co-Founder, emeritus
Global Business Network

Gene DeRose
Chairman & CEO emeritus
Jupiter Communications

Buckminster Fuller
Architect, Systems Theorist,
Inventor and Futurist

Marc Gobe
Emotional Branding

Andrea Goldberg
Vice President
Market Insights and Research
Pitney Bowes

David W. Hill
ThinkNext Design
Vice President emeritus
Design Management
Lenovo Group

Steve Hodges
Director emeritus
IBM Cloud
Consulting Services

Dr. Erich Joachimsthaler
Managing Director
Vivaldi Partners

Professor John G. Lynch, Jr.
Leeds School of Business
University of Colorado at Boulder

David Martin
President, Catalyst Branding
President, emeritus

Dr. Grant McCracken
Cultural Anthropologist

Jerry Michalski
REX: Relationship Economy eXpedition

David Ogilvy
Father of Advertising
Ogilvy & Mather

Sharon Osen
CEO and Founder

Erica W. O’Neill, Ph.D.

Fran O’Sullivan
General Manager
Global Operations
IBM Global Business Services

B. Joseph Pine II
Strategic Horizons LLP

Paul Rand
Graphic Designer
Professor Emeritus
Yale University

Jon Rubin
Vice President
News America Marketing

Richard Sapper
Industrial Designer
and Professor

Kyle Shannon
Founder & CEO

William (Bill) Tsang
Competitive Strategy

Mike Wing
Vice President
Strategic and Executive Communications

Dr. Kazuhiko Yamazaki
Chiba Institute of Technology